Ship Agency

Having very vast and solid experience of 28 years in the field of Shipping agency and husbanding requirement, Param Shipping Services attends to your good vessels very efficiently and cost effectively. We arrange timely inward / outward clearance of the Vessels / Tugs / Barges / Crafts from Port and Customs; closely liaise with terminal, shippers, receivers, surveyors, ship brokers etc., clearing and delivery of spares, crew change, supply of provisions, stores, bunkers, freshwater etc., arranging of statutory surveys, ship / tug repairs and maintenance, servicing of life rafts, crew ticketing etc.

We also arrange draft surveys, hatch fitness survey, ullage survey and condition survey through the competent surveyors to protect the interest of our Principals.

We assist Ships Captain and ships staff in finalizing the various cargo documents and make them aware of local regulations.

We, here at Param Shipping Services, believe in protecting the interest of our Principals and give them the timely feedback about their vessels.

Having a good infrastructure and communication setup, we forward all the information as it happens to our Principals.

We ensure to dispatch the final disbursement account within 15 days of the departure of the vessel.